Prato Jewelery offers an extensive range of unique, bespoke and handmade jewelery from our shop. Our fine collection of products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen on the premises. Browse our collection of precious diamond, pearl, platinum, white gold and sterling silver jewelery, all at competitive prices to suit your budget.

Among our selection of exquisite bespoke jewelery, we have the perfect gift for every occasion. Our timeless, contemporary designs range from day wear to evening wear to bespoke one-of-a-kind pieces for that very special day. Every item of jewelery is handmade with the care and expertise of experienced jewellers to give you something with true beauty and individuality.

We Specialising In Bringing You The Most Personalised Jewellery That’s Handcrafted By Individuals For Individuals

Our goal is to create stunning handmade, personalised and customised pieces of jewelery which are truly unique. Made to your preferred specifications and requirements, you are provided with an item to treasure. These bespoke pieces can be personalised just for your loved one, and you have the excitement and rewarding feeling of being involved in the design and craftsmanship stage.



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